Sunday, January 17, 2010

Annoyed and Anxious

So the reactive hypoglycemia thing is getting on my nerves.  Seriously.  It's acting up and it's not making any logical sense.  I crashed this evening with a blood glucose count of 46.  And what brought it on?  A protein shake.  Very few carbs, practically all protein, no sugar at all.  What gives?  

This is the 3rd time it's happened after a high protein meal or snack.  And yes, I'm annoyed by it.  But mostly I'm pretty damned worried and a whole lot anxious.  I can deal with predictable.  I can NOT deal with random.  If I can't predict when my sugar is going to crash, how can I function normally and go about my life?  I drive a lot (3 hours a day on average) and I really can't have unpredictable blood sugar crashes happening without warning or reason.  

Guess it's a good thing I've got that endocrinologist appointment coming up, huh?



  1. Since my surgery somedays I have to force myself to eat and when I don't sometimes I get dizzy. It almost feels like I am going low (used to be diabetic). I quit drinking the shakes within six months and food seems to be better in keeping my levels in check. Have you talked to your nutrionalist?

  2. @Nancy -- I also get dizzy and shaky if I go too long between meals, but testing my blood shows that my levels are still within normal range at those times. So it's more of a hunger thing, I'm sure. My program does not discourage shakes for people further out - which is fine because I enjoy the shakes. I have my Protein Chai Tea every morning on my drive to work. Yes, I've talked to my Nut - she, like I, believes that everything can be controlled with diet. There's not really any other way to control hypoglycemia, unfortunately.


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