Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Need Help With Your WORD?

If you're considering doing the Word of the Year, you might want to check out this excellent resource that just landed in my inbox this morning.  Christine Kane -- singer, songwriter, author, inspiration guru -- is offering a free downloadable Word of the Year Discovery Tool to subscribers of her blog. 

I just downloaded the file and I'm loving it already.  My Word is chosen .... at least I'm 95% sure my Word is chosen, still need to think on it for a day or two more .... but if you're struggling with finding your Word, this tool will help you figure it out.

Take the time to watch the video she's posted today.  I just love her!  She explains why choosing a Word is so much more powerful than setting a goal or resolution.  It's about "creating an energy of intention" to begin an "unstoppable journey" in our lives.  I love her take on "handling the details of authenticity" and how the small things in our life become the foundation for the big picture of our journey.

Here's the link:  Word of the Year Discovery Tool


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