Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Baking

I agreed to be part of a cookie exchange this year. Typically I avoid these at all costs because I never need dozens and dozens of cookies in my house! But this year I agreed. My grandmother is feeling down this year as it'll be our first Christmas without Grandpa. So my mom is trying hard to make this a special time for her and keep her busy with lots of Christmas activities. A cookie exchange was suggested.... and I agreed to participate. The exchange is scheduled for Friday evening. Which means I've got some major baking to do this week! But before I can start baking, I need to actually figure out what I'm going to make. I've been printing some options from the net or making copies out of magazines - so I have a half dozen or so to pick from already. Plus I want to look through the cookbook that I put together of my grandmother's Christmas cookies and see if there's something in there she might not be making this year that I can bake. My plan is to give away the cookies I get back in exchange. Or at least store them in the freezer and bring them out when I need to take a dish to pass somewhere. Yes, I'll indulge in some... but definitely NOT going to over indulge! ~Pam

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