Sunday, December 06, 2009

Christmas Shopping

So far all my Christmas shopping has been done online. Last year I did a bunch of shopping online too, but this year I think it's going to be about 80% online. It is SO nice to get it done without too much hassle. Normally I enjoy shopping, but right now I just don't have the time to stroll through the malls or stores to find just the right things for people.
I just bought Land's End monogrammed tote bags for all the nieces and nephews, my mom and grandma (and one for myself). Shhhh... don't tell them! The kids will also get gift certificates to Barnes & Noble bookstore with a day long shopping adventure with Aunt Pam. Still have to figure out what to get for Dad - he's the hardest to buy for! And my sister and brother will likely get board games for the family. Then I've got some minor gifts for co-workers, friends and extended family. So with that one big order of tote bags, I'm nearly done already.
So in the spirit of the shopping season, I thought I'd give you a list of some of my favorite bariatric gifts for WLS friends and family (or yourself). I'm even going to link you up so you can do your shopping online too!
Weight Loss Surgery for Dummies -- great book with all the hardcore information you need to know about the different types of surgery and what to expect before, during and after. For more book options, check out my WLS Library List.
GoWear Fit (now known as BodyMedia) -- I love mine and would highly recommend it to anyone else who wants to know the science behind the number of calories they are burning. It tracks calories burned, steps taken, minutes of moderate and vigorous activity, plus how well (or poorly) you're sleeping. A great device for those approaching their goal weight and trying to determine how to maintain their weight or lose just a little bit more.
Omron Body Fat Analyzer -- This is the device that measures your body fat percentage and calculate your BMI. Sometimes the scale is a poor measure of success because it doesn't tell you the difference between fat and muscle. The Omron tells you the real composition of your body. I love mine!
Oster Fusion Blender/Food Processor -- Seriously folks, this is the BEST blender I've ever owned. I use it every day and it is amazing. It crushes ice so nicely that your protein shakes tastes like ice cream shakes. I also have the food processor bowl attachment and use it often for chopping nuts or slicing veggies. You can also get a smoothie cup for on-the-go protein shake blending.
Click Protein -- While you're using your blender, you might as well have the yummiest protein coffee drink, right? And if you're looking for recipes, my friend Nikkie is the queen of click concoctions.
Yoga Mat and Video -- I really love yoga! The stretching and poses are relaxing as well as giving me a good strength training workout. I have a yoga mat at work for my lunchtime yoga classes plus a mat at home for workouts using the video or FitTV programs. Or you could go with this self-guided mat that has diagrams of poses right on the mat - very cool!
Sansa Sandisk Music Player -- I'm not an iPod girl (there's nothing wrong with them, just not for me). But I love my Sansa. I've got my workout music loaded on it (PodRunner) along with podcasts, videos and photos. It's a constant companion for my workouts.
What else do you think a bariatric patient must have? What's your favorite product?
Happy shopping!

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