Sunday, November 01, 2009

What is going on?

What has been going on with me? Well.... I've been busy. Why is it that just when you think life is about to slow down, that it takes a turn and gets even busier than you thought possible? Well, that's what has happened lately.
This semester at school has been an adjustment for me. The past two semesters/quarters I've taken online courses, so my schedule was up to me and pretty free-form. I had deadlines, but I could do "classroom" work whenever I wanted to - which usually happened late at night when I got home from work and stuff. But this time around I'm on campus in a classroom and it seems like it's taking up a lot more time than normal. The two classes I've got don't require a huge amount of out-of-class homework, but being in class 8 hours a week is taking a lot more time than I realized it would. On paper (or screen here) it doesn't sound like a big deal... so I'm surprised at how much time and effort it's taking in real life.
Plus things at work seem to be getting busier. I don't have as much downtime as I used to - which is fine - but when I get home after work I'm mentally whipped, more than normal.
BUT... there's a bright spot. Right now I'm officially on vacation. WooHoo! A whole week and a half, in fact! I can't decide which thing I'm looking more forward to - 1) sitting on my butt all week? or 2) eating seafood by the ocean? There's a pile of books packed and the mini netbook computer is loaded with more books to read. It'll be a nice relaxing time at the beach. I plan to post while I'm away so you can live vicariously through my excursion.
So what's going on with you?

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