Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving - Reporting In

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving all!

I hope your day was filled with family fun, gratitude and lots of love. Thanksgiving is the holiday most centered around food, and we post-op folks all seem to approach it in a different way. Some stay within their daily meal plan and do not stray... others eat with moderation in mind and try bites of lots of different things... and others (like me) declare it a food holiday and eat whatever the heck I want to eat.

So I'm putting my list of "eats" here for ya'll to see. I'm not saying this is the right way for you to eat, it's just a record of what passed MY lips yesterday. Just reporting in.

My philosophy about post-op eating might be different than some folks -- and it's a thought process that's evolved over the past 2 years. To me, Thanksgiving is just one meal. It's not an evil food day or a time when I have to feel deprived or like I'm the outcast of the family. My pouch size keeps my portions in check and the way my body reacts to certain foods keeps my choices in check. But overall, I knew that I was going to eat what I wanted to eat this Thanksgiving and still try to stay true to my healthier lifestyle.

Our Thanksgiving dinner started at 3pm-ish, so before I left the house I ate normal WLS friendly foods. Protein coffee and oatmeal for breakfast. Then deli turkey and pickles for lunch (this seems to be my current obsession - turkey and pickles - so odd). Figured I needed to load up on protein before I hit the carb-fest that was Thanksgiving dinner and that's exactly what I did.
My biggest downfall yesterday was fluids. I didn't drink nearly enough water and ended up paying for it later in the day with a killer headache. So I'm pushing fluids today to give my body what it needs.

Here's what I ate (or didn't eat) for Thanksgiving dinner:

Pre-dinner nibbles
  • Pumpkin fluff w/ either graham crackers or ginger snap wafers for dipping 
  • Ham rolls ups 
  • Carrot Cake Cookies (I made these, so delicious!) 
  • Cheeseball and crackers 
  • Chocolate cookie (1/2 of one - my 6 year old niece made them & asked me to try it)
Dinner (mostly just 2 or 3 bites of each)
  • Turkey -- it was dry, so only 1 bite 
  • Dad's homemade noodles (my #1 favorite food in the whole wide world!) 
  • coleslaw 
  • baked beans 
  • scalloped corn 
  • cinnamon roll 
  • more ham roll ups 
  • glazed carrots 
  • stuffing (1 bite cuz it wasn't good) 
  • probably something else, but can't remember now
  • Carrot Cake cookie 
  • Lemon Merguine Pie (small slice) 
  • 1 sip of "Blue Raspberry Virgin Margarita" (slushie with soda, basically - made for the kids)
Hypoglycemic Crash Snack (thank you Lemon Merguine Pie and cookie!)
  • Cheeseball and crackers
What I didn't even bother trying (because I don't like 'em or didn't want 'em)
  • Mashed potatoes and gravy 
  • Cookie Dough Truffles 
  • Apple Pie 
  • Cherry Pie 
  • Homemade bread 
  • Homemade cresant rolls 
  • Hershey Kisses (table "decorations" scattered around the dessert platters)
I think that's all...

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  1. Just wanted to say thanks! I just tried your chai tea recipe and it is too die for (well figuratively anyway)!


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