Monday, October 12, 2009

Just a Monday Update

Over the weekend I met up with some WLS friends at the Yates Cider Mill in Rochester Hills. It was great to put faces with names and get to hang out with friends I've known online for a couple years. Lots of fun pictures... but here's one of us as a group. DSC_2212 Sunday I spent a bunch of time finishing the editing process of my nephew's senior pictures. (That takes SO much time!) And then it took me 12 hours to get them all uploaded for him to review. This is one of my favorites from the 225+ pictures. DSC_1431 This new semester at school is in full swing and I was busy with school work over the weekend. The classes are the first of my graphics classes, so I'm excited to get into the meat of my degree choice (Graphic Communications). I'm doing Intro to Drawing and Intro to Graphic Design. I was anticipating that the drawing class would drive me nuts because I couldn't see how pencil and paper drawing had much to do with digital graphic design work. But in both of these classes I'm finding it surprising at how much drawing skill is actually needed in the pre-design mock ups for clients and brainstorming. I'm definitely a novice artist at best when it comes to drawing, but after a couple weeks of homework I can see that I'm already improving in my technique. Hopefully by the end of the semester I'll be even better. I'm looking forward to my vacation coming up in three weeks. Just having some time off and to myself will be the best gift of all. Doing "nothing" is a great vacation, ya know. This week should be fairly quiet. Class on Monday and Thursday; support group meeting on Tuesday - but otherwise no big plans or obligations. The upcoming weekend is currently clear and I'm hoping to keep it that way too.... unless I find a play or concert to go to. Life is good. Just thought I'd share a short update on what is going on around here lately. ~Pam

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