Sunday, August 02, 2009

Doing the FlyLady Boogie Today

I'm on a 10 minute break, so I have to type fast. Today I'm doing the FlyLady Boogie -- basically a method of cleaning the house top to bottom in small spurts of activity tempered with smaller spurts of relaxation. So I'm doing 20 minutes of hard, focused housework and 10 minutes of guiltless relaxation. I've been at it for about 2.5 hours so far and plan to continue for another few hours.
My focus is "Trash" and "Charity" today. Trying to throw as much stuff away as possible and fill as many boxes of donate-able stuff as I can. This is mostly about deep down spring cleaning (so I'm a couple months late).
I started a master to-do list and have been adding to it as I think of more things. Not all of it will be done today -- in fact, not even a small percentage will be done today. But it'll be a list I can work from over the next couple weeks. Little 20 minute projects that I can check off little by little.
Ok, the alarm just went off and my break is done. Back to work for another 20 minutes.

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