Monday, July 20, 2009


One of the amazing things about losting 113 pounds is that I have the ability to walk for long periods of time without getting tired or worn out. Saturday's walk wasn't really very grueling or long and didn't really cover that many miles -- but I'm still so thankful that I have the ability to keep up with the crowd. I was part of the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk this past Saturday. I was just one of over 30,000 photographers in 900 cities all over the world who walked around their own city to take photographs of everyday life. It is amazing to be a part of something so huge. Our group had about 35 photographer ranging from hobbyists like myself to professional photographers. In our group there were pocket point-and-shoot cameras, iPhone cameras, mid-range DSLRs and high end rigs that cost more than I'd like to think about. Here's a link to my top 26 picks from the day. I took over 240 photos, these are my favorites. I need to choose my best two photos to submit to our group's pool. (Votes welcomed!) Then the leader will pick the best from our city and submit that one photo on to be judged on a worldwide scale. There are some pretty amazing prizes. Although I'm happy with how my photos turned out, I have no illusion that I'll be the top pick from 30,000 other photographers - but it's nice to dream, right? Here are some of my favorites. Spent Allium Favorite #1 Rusty Fire Hydrant Favorite #2 Vintage Window Display Favorite #3 Bay City's Riverfront DSC_9187 Blue Rust DSC_9197

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  1. Very cool pics. You have a talent with photography!


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