Sunday, July 05, 2009


Today is the last day of my mini-vacation. A full five days off. It's been relaxing and productive and it makes me want to be independently wealthy so I don't ever have to work again. LOL!
I've also come to realize that I really need to live by the water one day. Preferrably somewhere south so it's warm year round and I can hit the beach regularly.
So the eating situation has been pretty random and unplanned. You all know me... when things get too strict I tend to rebel. Which means I need times like these when I don't have to think or plan or worry about being perfect. I'll be back on the straight and narrow tomorrow morning.
Even though I haven't done any formal exercise these past five days, I have actually been burning a ton of calories. Now that I have the GoWear Fit I know exactly how I'm doing with activity. I have been burning the same number of calories as I would if I'd done a 5 mile walk every day (around 2300-2600 calories). Being active is an amazing thing, huh?
I love vacation time! I need more, more, more! hehehe

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