Monday, July 06, 2009

Update on Lab Results

So I posted about the lab results a couple weeks ago. It was a re-test of a few things after my normal 18-month labs came back with some low readings. Prealbumin, Ferritin and Vitamin D. I finally talked to the PA at my surgeon's office (after calling three times!) about the results and have some new instructions. The Vitamin D wasn't really even discussed since my numbers were so great. She asked what I'd done to bring the number up ... I refreshed her memory about what I did and she said something like, "Good job." Not much else. Prealbumin -- We discussed the fact that I've been eating 150g protein for the past month but that my numbers didn't move at all. I asked her about the Vitamin A issue and how I was told to discontinue it at the same time I was told to increase my protein intake. She agreed that Vitamin A helps to synthesize protein in the body and that I should start taking it again in addition to keeping my protein intake at 150g/day. But she doesn't want me to be at 150g for the full four weeks. I'm to take 5,000IU Vitamin A per day while eating 150g protein for two weeks. Then drop down to 100g protein for the remaining two weeks before the re-test. Ferritin -- apparently the lab "normal range" has changed since the last time I had blood drawn. Instead of the normal range being 30-400 .... the low end is now down at 10. So my result of 23 is "still within normal range and I should be fine." I pressed the issue because my levels dropped by 13 points in just four weeks. She asked if I was feeling tired or fatigued which is a typical sign of anemia. No, I'm not any more tired than I normally am because I'm so dang busy. So she wants to wait another four weeks with no supplementation to see where the ferritin level is going to go because she thinks it will correct itself. She did give me a Rx for Repleva but told me not to start taking it unless I suddenly start to feel very fatigued. So I wait. If the trend continues then my current level of 23 will drop another 13 points by next month and I'll be right on the edge of deficient. I wonder at what point they will decide action needs to be taken to stop the free fall? Can you sense my frustration? ~Pam

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