Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Workout Music

Answering questions....
Someone asked what "Podrunner" is. I thought I'd include that information and some sources for other workout music, as well.
PODRUNNER -- DJ Steve puts together some amazing music mixes specifically for workouts. First you determine how fast your walk or run to calculate your "beats per minute." For instance if you walk 4 miles per hour, that's about 140 beats per minute. Here's a chart to figure out what your BPM rate is. So DJ Steve puts together these music mixes that last about 1 hour and help you keep your pace consistant with the beat of the music. It's great to use for my 5k races where I am trying to hit a certain pace or need to keep a consistant speed throughout the race. I have found that if I choose a certain BPM pace that my finish time is pretty consistantly right on target with that pace. And the music is interesting too. It's not traditional songs, it's more like a "mix" of pieces of songs, overlapping with other beats and music ... sometimes just techno music, sometimes ethnic stuff, sometimes voices and lyrics. Pretty cool, actually. YOUR FITNESS MUSIC -- this website is pretty awesome! You pick your pace - same concept as the Beats Per Minute as above -- then you pick the genre of music you enjoy (rock, country, pop, etc.) and it gives you a list of specific songs that fit your choices. The cool thing about this website is that along with the song results it gives you, there is a link to download the song of your choice. And the songs are much cheaper than you'd find at places like iTunes - most songs are prices at about 10-cents to 25-cents each (or less). It's a good way to find new artists that you might never have heard of before too!
AMAZON MUSIC -- Ok, so if you want some traditional MP3 music downloads, Amzon provides a huge selection of workout music. This link is the search results I found when doing a quick search for "workout music" within the Amazon MP3 Download department. Just on the first page I see a bunch of songs I'd love to have on my Sansa media player. Mmm... looks like I see some downloading in my future. LOL! Have fun! Happy dancing! ~Pam

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  1. Podrunner is an awesome thing - now all I have to do is start running! (I guess/know I could use it for my elliptical, etc.) Oh, and I have to et an MP3 player....I'm so behind the times!
    Thanks for posting this!



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