Saturday, June 27, 2009

Race Day

At 10:00 last night I remembered that I had to do a race today or else I'd miss my goal of 2 races a month. Well... I knew I needed to do it this weekend, but I hadn't bothered finding a race yet. So last night I dug through my pile of race flyers and found one in town.
So let me tell you about the pooping man...
When you do a lot of local races you tend to see the same people at most of them. There's this one man, about 60 years old, who seems to walk about the same pace that I do. He's always within site of me, but almost always up ahead. I'd guess I've walked about 4 or 5 races where he was there too. Today marks the THIRD time I caught him coming out from behind a tree along the race course. The other two times he was just tucking in his shirt and looking all innocent and continued walking. Unfortnately today I was a bit too close to the tree he'd chosen. As I was approaching his rest area I see his head pop up from behind a branch and I get a glimpse of his tighty-whiteys as they are bring pulled up from his knees. OMG! Yes, I just said that.
Ok, so this time there were a group of 3 other women up ahead of me - technically 2 teenagers and probably their mother. They saw what I saw and all three of them were dying of laughter. My reaction? I said, probably too loudly, "Seriously?!" I mean really dude, there's an outhouse just 1/4 mile up ahead and there's a playground within eyesight of your bathroom choice. I was seriously flabergasted. But... he just buttoned up his shorts and tucked in his shirt while he was walking out from behind the tree to rejoin the race. As if nothing was wrong.
So I'm really contemplating avoiding any more local races. And if I see this guy milling around the registration area of any races I'm doing -- I don't know if I can do the race. Really. It's just strange. LOL!
So, about MY race. I felt like I was dragging my butt today. It was the first race I'd done this year where it was hot and humid so early in the morning and I was sweating like a pig. I had my Podrunner music set to 140bpm which was the highest I've evern attempted and I was pretty much keeping pace. But still I felt like I was moving in slow motion. When I rounded the corner and saw the finish line I was shocked to see the time. Remember my best time so far was 49:00 ... so when I realized I was within that range it surprised me. So here's how I did:
Distance: 3.1 miles
Time: 49:45
Pace: 16:04
Weather: 80's and humid


  1. Good job on your time. I'm feeling bad that I didn't make my goal this month.

    I think the old man thing is weird - and a little sick!

    ME :)

  2. OMG, that is totally 'not right'!

    Congratulations on getting out to the race, meeting your goal and getting a fabulous time despite the weather. Way to go!!!

  3. Nice site. I'm new to this, have not had surgery, but I think it will be this summer. What is a "Podrunner"?

  4. LMAO about the pooper guy! I Googled to find out what Podrunner is and I'm downloading the couch to 5k mp3s right now!!


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