Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Today's Eats

So I figured I'd share what I ate today.  With this "new" eating plan I just wanted to give you a bit of a glimpse into what I'm eating these days.  It really doesn't feel that much different than I've been doing all along - but I guess I'm a bit more aware of the exact balance of my meals (protein, veg/fruit and starch).  
So here's what happened today:
Commute -- Hot Protein Chai Tea
Arrive at work -- "fake latte" (4oz steamed milk, 16oz coffee)
Breakfast -- 3oz sliced turkey, 1/2c grapes and 1/2 serving Fiber One twigs
Lunch -- 3oz baked chicken w/ mushroom sauce and half of my side salad
Snack -- 1/2c grapes and 2 cheesesticks
Post-workout Snack -- Nature Valley granola bar (not originally planned)
Dinner -- 3oz sliced turkey, 1/3c grapes and 4 large strawberries w/ Splenda
Calories: 1,272   Fat: 24.4g (16%)   Carbs: 138.2g  (20g fiber 39%)   Protein: 154.3g (45%)
So the big change for me is breakfast.  Normally I'd have a yogurt w/ fruit or Fiber One and it would easily hold me until 1:00 for lunch.  But all that food for breakfast today really filled me up way full.  In fact, an hour after breakfast I was still feeling too full to start drinking water... which put me behind schedule on water for the day.  
Then when lunch came around I didn't want to eat.  I brought 4oz of baked chicken but couldn't finish it and I brought a normal sized salad and could only eat half of it.  It was very strange and I'm not sure I liked the feeling.  Tomorrow I'll cut back to 2oz of meat at breakfast instead of 3oz. 
And by the way.  That sliced turkey I keep eating.... it's Jenni-O Cracked Pepper deli sliced turkey.  OMG!  This stuff is amazing!  It's real turkey breast, not parts-are-parts stuff and the outside is coated with fresh cracked pepper for a little tangy bite.  Delicious!  4oz is only 100 calories and 24g protein. I get it sliced thick so each slice is about 1oz.  Try it.  It's amazing!

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  1. I'm going to try the Turkey - that looks amazing.
    Good job as usual!



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