Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Palm Pre Available June 6

Ok, so I know this has nothing to do with weight loss surgery or being healthy or finishing races or taking your vitamins. But today... the geek in me is happy, happy, happy!! I've been waiting for this new phone for months and guess what landed in my email box this afternoon? Today's official announcement of it's release on June 6th... well, it just puts a smile on my face. For this, I would even camp out at my local Sprint store and wait in line all night. But... I'll be on Mackinaw Island on June 6th doing the 10k race (I've already checked, there is no Sprint store in Mackinaw or for anywhere within 50 miles). I need to come up with a Plan B for getting my hands on this beautiful new phone before the weekend is over. OMG! Happy, Happy, Happy!


  1. Heh.. I'm with you, have plans for Saturday as well, trying to figure out how I'm gonna get my hands on a Pre before the stores close.

  2. Hey Rob!
    The best I've been able to come up with is Sunday. I'll be back in town by mid-afternoon and the store closes at 5pm. So I'm hoping that the projected "low inventory" lasts long enough for me to score mine!


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