Saturday, April 18, 2009

Race Day

I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to find a second race for April.  But earlier this week I discovered a little race in my hometown to be held today.  There were about 40 racers total with only 5 walkers (me being one of them).  The weather was gorgeous and sunny -- definitely a perfect spring day!
So a couple observations about today.  

First, when I am part of a race where there are very few walkers I usually end up at the end.  Today I finished last.  It is so discouraging to finish last even when your brain is telling you it doesn't matter.  

Second, I need to learn some techniques for walking faster.  I was booking today and I can't figure out how to get faster.  Hopefully the pace training that is a part of the Crim Training Program will help me figure this out.

The good news is I got a medal today for 1st place in my age group for walkers.  The bad news is that I was the only person in my age group, male or female.  Still kinda cool to get a medal.

ALSO --- today's time was my best ever.  Felt good to beat myself, at least.

Distance:  3.1 miles
Time: 49:38
Pace: 16:01
Weather:  58, sunny and beautiful

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