Friday, April 17, 2009

Proud and Inspired

Last night I met about 15-20 members of my support group, their friends and family members and a couple folks from my surgeon's office. Last night was the second week in our walking training -- we're working toward the goal of finishing a 10-mile race together. Each week we'll increase our distance by 1/2 mile until we are all ready to walk 10 miles in August. This is the same race I did last August -- and also signed up for the race's official training program that meets on Tuesdays. But our support group training program is being lead by our leader, Jim, and it's not a part of the official training program.... just a bunch of highly motivated people working together to accomplish a major goal as a group. This group of people are amazing! We have people who had WLS and are fairly athletic already. We have people who never had WLS but are there because a friend or family member invited them. We have kids and a dog. We have the director of the bariatric center where most of us had surgery and also a nurse from the center too. And there's also Nancy. She is why I'm writing this message today. She inspires me and makes me so proud! Nancy has been fighting the insurance company and fighting for medical clearance for her WLS for months. Her surgery was scheduled but cancelled because of a last minute medical issue that needed to be fixed first. She just got clearance and is now back on track to have her WLS soon. While waiting for her RNY she's lost 45 pounds on her own. WooHoo!! She walks with a cane and needs two knee replacements... but needs to lose the weight before her doctor will do those surgeries. But still she walks. And she walked last night with a smile on her face and a brilliant positive attitude. I'm so proud of her! She inspires me to be more faithful with my own exercising program. So next time you think about giving up or wimping out on a workout. Think of Nancy, happily trekking along with her cane, sore knees and a smile on her face. If she can do it, so can I! ~Pam

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration - I've needed it the last few days!


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