Thursday, February 12, 2009

Loving Yoga

I had my lunchtime yoga class today. It seems like the more I do yoga, the more I love it. Even bought an extra mat so I could keep one at work for class days and one at home to practice with a new DVD I bought or the FitTv shows. I feel like I'm getting better since the poses are easier to do the more often I do them.
Today the instructor complimented me on being so flexible. Which amazed me, of course. But it might have to do with having to work harder to reach and stretch for things when I was obese, so now that the fat is gone (or diminishing) I'm more flexible.
Also learned how to do a back bend today. See the picture here? Nope, that's not me (no tattoos on this bode!)... and I didn't get into that exact pose (I had a bit of help). But that's the pose I did today. Seeing it in this picture amazes me that I was able to do it.
Fun stuff! If you haven't tried yoga, you should definitely try.

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