Friday, January 23, 2009

Five for Friday

So one of my 9 Goals for 2009 is to declutter. I've been doing good on that front for the past couple weeks .... baby steps work best for me. 

One habit I've started is what I call "Five for Friday." Each Friday I go through my house and pick up five things. It can be five things that need to be tossed into the trash or five things that need to be donated to charity or five things that need to be returned to someone else that I might have borrowed or they left at my house. 

Last Friday I went through the shoes in my closet. I packed up a whole box of shoes ... definitely more than five pair. Today I plan to focus on books. I'm being overrun with books in my house and need to box up the ones I'm done with and ship them off to charity. I think I'll also set a goal for Saturdays. 

Whatever I packed up on Friday needs to go into my car by Saturday. That way, the next time I'm at Goodwill, I can drop off a box or two for donation. 

Feels good to be decluttering. 

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  1. What a great idea. I have been falling over a box by my door for the last week that just needs to be taken to the car and dropped off for the last few weeks. Also if you end up donating any clothing Bay City has the Family Rescue Mission and they are always welcoming goods. They are my new favorite chairty, we (family and friends) did gift bags for the 17 kids for Christmas and it was very heart warming.
    Have a great weekend.


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