Sunday, December 07, 2008

First Weight Training Session

Friday evening I met with a trainer at the gym for my first weight training session.  I worked with Eddie to figure out a training routine that would work for what I wanted to achieve -- which is core strength and muscle toning. 
During the workout it didn't seem so bad.  My arms and legs felt a bit rubbery afterward and I could tell I'd done some work, but it didn't seem like it was all that strenuous or anything.  Until Saturday and Sunday.  
For the past two days I've been SO sore.  The calf lifts will probably kill me with their after-effects.  And who knew my biceps could hurt just by looking at them.  I'm hobbling around like an old woman and yes.... I'm definitely whining. 
I've got another workout scheduled for Monday evening (tomorrow).  I'm not sure I'll be recovered enough by then to even lift a feather, let along real weights.  Maybe a hot bath later will help ease the soreness.  

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