Sunday, December 21, 2008

The 365 Project

A few days after surgery I started the Face Project.  I took a picture of my face every day for the first year after surgery just so I could watch the transformation.  I missed some days, but did pretty good overall with remembering to take pictures every day.  And yes... you'll notice I didn't edit myself.  You're getting the good pictures and the bad ones.  And some are really bad... so just close your eyes while those ones are up.


  1. Very Cool... :-) Projects like that are beyond me, I never have that much for thought. The transformation is amazing.. But aside from the weight, did you notice how much more REAL your smile got the further out you were? You can see yourself getting happier. I think that is great!


  2. That was so cool. You think so far ahead! I also noticed the smile got larger and the women smaller.

    Way Cool!


  3. Very nice and Congrats !!!


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