Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yucky Tummy Day

Wow!  3 posts in one day ... bet you guys are tired of me already.  
I've said before that this blog is about the good days AND the bad days. Today happens to be a pretty yucky day so I'm going to whine for a minute. 
I came home from vacation and the drastic weather change brought on a nasty head cold and congestion and sinus drainage. Yuck!  I also came home with some crazy rash/bump/bite thing going on and it itches like mad.  Yuck again!   I've been experiencing some dizzyness lately too. Not sure if it's a blood pressure thing (happens when I stand up suddenly) or if it has to do with the head cold.  Yuck!
But today, something is up with my tummy.  It started early this morning as I was drinking my protein coffee on the way to work.  I couldn't decide if I needed to puke or poop, but neither has happened and I still feel yucky tonight.  Maybe its gas, maybe its constipation, maybe its something I ate that doesn't like my system.  I just can't figure out what it feels like. Yuck!
Hope tomorrow is better.

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