Thursday, November 06, 2008


Way back when I first had WLS, I had dreamed of the possibility of taking a cruise or some tropical vacation when I hit my goal weight... or maybe when I hit the one year mark. It was a far and distant dream because I knew I'd used up a huge chunk of my paid vacation time just having the surgery, so I had to hord my time off for a while.
Well.... that dream is coming true afterall. I'll be heading to Florida to spend a week lounging on the beach or next to the pool.  I have a stack of books packed and a couple dozen ebooks loaded on the PDA -- all set for a week of relaxation.  
So I'll post my official 1-year-post-op message when I return next weekend.  


  1. Have an awesome, restful and rejuvenating time!


  2. Have fun, dear. I'm so envious.
    Let us hear all about your adventures when you return.



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