Monday, October 20, 2008

How was your weekend?

Did you do anything fun this weekend? Did you stay on track with your eating and exercise program? Did you get enough rest?
My weekend was good. Mostly. I enjoyed some family time, a couple Wow moments and was able to do some fun stuff. But my eating was too sporadic and I wasn't faithful with my vitamins and supplements. And as you probably gathered from my post last night ... I didn't make the smartest food choices over the weekend.
Saturday my whole family (parents, brother & his family, sister and her family) all loaded up in cars and headed to Sandusky, Ohio to spend the day at Cedar Point. It's an amusement part with a ton of roller coasters and rides and food and since it's Fall, they had the whole park decorated for Halloween complete with several haunted houses. I rode roller coasters and other rides without a single problem of fitting into the seats. Great Wow moments! I walked a ton without issues. It was pretty cold and I had 3 layers of clothes on and froze my butt off... I never used to get cold but when I lost all my insulation and padding I tend to get cold now. We had a great time together at the park!
We packed food for the day at the park to help save money (who wants a wimpy $10 burger anyway?). I packed good, healthy food. Mom and Sis didn't. So along with my healthy food of turkey, cheese and grapes I snatched a few Oreos and Doritos and Chex Mix. I had a planned snack while in the park of some trail mix so that kept me away from bad choices (like the fresh homemade french fries that kept screaming to me from concession stands which I resisted.) I didn't drink enough water and spent the day in search of water fountains that didn't seem to be very plentiful. I should have carried a bottle of water with me like I'd planned. I took my morning dose of vitamins, but didn't do my evening dose. I took 2 doses of calcium on the drive to and from the park... but missed the other 2 doses. We stopped at Burger King on the way home and I did pretty good there. Ate a hamburger patty and sliced apple. So I guess seeing all this in writing I really didn't do all that bad with food afterall. It just felt like we were eating all day long, but I guess we really weren't. By the time we got home at 2:30 a.m. I was just ready to crash into bed and I forgot to take my bedtime vitamins. Oops.
Sunday I slept until noon so I missed my morning ritual of a protein shake and went straight to lunch which was just some soy chips and a handful of grapes. I was out and about in town and realized I hadn't eaten anything around 3pm and stopped at Taco Bell for pintos-n-cheese. Hit a mid-afternoon movie and had popcorn. Stopped at the grocery store and didn't say no to the package of cookies that found their way into my cart. Ate too many of those. Then my brilliant idea for dinner was spaghetti and we know how that turned out. So I was way short on protein, way high on sugar and carbs and again didn't do well with vitamins or water on Sunday.
So enough playing around for this girl. I'm back on track today and have my meals already planned out. I'm on track to get 90g protein in for today and as soon as I publish this post I'm going to get my water bottle filled so I can stay on track with liquids today too.
Still need to figure out what to do with that super yummy spaghetti sauce I made last night. Since it's got ground beef in it, maybe I just need to eat it plain without pasta. Or maybe I could pick up a spaghetti squash and give that a try. Someone also suggested a recipe from Eggface's blog for Eggplant Lasagna. I'm not a huge lasagna fan or an eggplant fan so I'll probably pass on that option.
Ok... off to get some water.


  1. How about the Califlower lasagna bake thing she has....I use it and love it!

  2. Isn't it easy to get off track on the weekend! I am working lots of hours again this week and planned my meals to bring with me . . . but no one in my department brings lunch so it's very tempting to just say what the heck.
    As for the sauce, I make sauce with burger and sprinkle parm cheese and pour it over cottage cheese for a "no" noodle lasg.


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