Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Tuesday night is my training night when I meet my walking group and we do our workout together. I missed my group training tonight. I'm so disappointed. I am on "late phones" this week at work (each secretary has to take turns staying until 5:15 to catch any late phone calls that come in after hours). So by the time I got out of the office building and on the road it was 5:20. But I still should have been able to make it to meet the group on time.... Then traffic was horrendous! I was on my way and saw that traffic was backed up, so I turned off the main road to take another road around -- kind of a long, shortcut -- only to get almost all the way through to come up to a downed power line and the road was shut down. So I had to turn around and go back and wait in the long line of traffic on the main road again. Then traffic was even slower once I got on next main road and turned out that a traffic signal was out (power outages everywhere here lately) so things were backed up. By the time I got to the Interstate I only had 15 minutes to get to the meeting place that was 25 minutes away. I just couldn't make it in time so had to call my leader and tell her I wouldn't be there. Dang it! It still makes me angry even now. My drive to work is almost all on the Interstate except for the last 8 miles from the time I exit until I get to the office. It's that 8 mile stretch that screwed me up tonight. In fact, it even screwed me up this morning .... there were several traffic signals out so it literally took me 45 minutes to drive those last 8 miles making me late for work. Days like this really make me hate my job and this ridiculous commute I do everyday. Yes, folks, I drive 150 miles every single freaking day. It usually doesn't bug me. But today I'm pretty pissed. Guess I'll go work off this mad with a workout here in my neighborhood. Won't get in the 4.5 miles I was going to do with the group, but at least I'll work up a sweat. ~Pam

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