Friday, May 30, 2008

Tired of Talking About It

I'm just tired of talking about my surgery, my eating, my exercise, my problems and everything that goes along with having WLS. And I got the impression from a friend that others are tired of hearing about it too. I know that having this surgery is something I need to deal with for the rest of my life. But I'm tired of thinking about it so much. My friend asked me today how long it'd be before I can just be normal again and not have to worry about everything. He compared it to quitting smoking. He quit smoking and now doesn't think about it anymore and acts like a non-smoker. But WLS isn't like that, is it? My physical anatomy has been altered and that effects how I live my life in terms of food and nutrients. I can't just stop thinking about what is the best food to put in my mouth. I can't just stop being conscious of taking all my vitamins and supplements during the day. I dunno... maybe one day I'll get to the point where this life becomes a habit and I don't have to focus so much. But I can't imagine that day is coming next week or anything. So I'm just going to shut up about it for a while. At least stop talking about it to non-WLS people. We'll see how I feel about this topic in a week or so. ~Pam

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