Thursday, May 15, 2008

Is my nutritionist full or crap or is it me?

I posted this on the OH Forums and got a ton of responses. If you'd like to check out the discussion thread, here's the link. --- So I had my 6 month follow up appointment at the surgeon’s office yesterday and met with the nutritionist. I’m so frustrated today because she seriously doesn’t make any sense to me and when I ask for clarification she just brushes me off like I’m some stupid fat person who doesn’t know about nutrition or understand what my rules are. I’m hoping ya’ll can shed some light… First off – she never asked me what I was eating, what a typical meal plan is for me and she didn’t want to view my food journal. In fact, I was the one who brought up the topic of how many calories I’m eating, how many grams of protein and such. I told her that I’m getting in about 90-100g of protein with about 800-900 calories per day with 3 meals, 1 snack and 1 protein shake per day. I told her I’m drinking 1 protein shake per day and getting the rest from food. Here’s what she told me: She said: I should continue to follow the eating schedule they gave us right after surgery that shows we should eat 3 meals and drink 3 protein shakes between meals as a snack and we need to get 60-80g protein per day. She didn’t care how many calories we eat and wanted us to focus only on portion size. I asked for clarification: If I increase my protein shakes to 3 per day and still eat my 3 meals, then I’d be getting about 150g protein per day – is that what she wanted me to do? She said: You shouldn’t be eating that much protein at the beginning of the day all at once. You have to spread it out throughout the day. (This is when I sit there with my mouth hanging open not sure I heard her right… when did I say I ate 150g of protein for breakfast?) I asked again for clarification: Should I just drink a half a protein shake at a time so I’m not getting 30 grams at once? And what if I’m eating about 20grams of protein at each meal? Should I be eating less than that? She said: Just make sure you’re following the schedule of 3 meals and 3 protein shakes per day and don’t eat it all at the beginning of the day, spread it out from morning until bedtime. I gave up at this point. Obviously she wasn’t listening to me and I had no clue how to get a straight answer out of her. So that was the end of the discussion about my nutrition. At this point I plan to stick with my current eating plan. 3 meals, 1 food snack and 1 protein shake. Because doing it her way just seems way off base. Or maybe I'm the one who is way off base??? Is she really that full of crap and oblivious to reality? Or am I imagining this whole thing and I’m more dense than I realized? ~Pam

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