Friday, March 21, 2008

Increasing My Fiber

Without going into the whole Too-Much-Information area of this discussion --- I need to increase my fiber intake. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm sure we all could use a bit more fiber in our lives. Join the fun and increase your intake too! I've been averaging about 10g of fiber per day but I really need to be getting about 25g-30g per day. So I've done a bit of searching for a list of high fiber foods and came up with a resource from the World's Healthiest Food website. (I printed the chart they have listed there and will hang it on my refrigerator as a reminder.) Here's a few things from the list I plan to add to my grocery shopping list: Romaine Lettuce Cauliflower Broccoli Spinach Lentils Black Beans Split Peas Barley Whole Grain English Muffin Whole Grain Bread or Tortilla Shells Apples Avocado Edamame Raspberries Sounds like I need to make another pot of 15-bean and ham soup and maybe a fruit salad, huh? ~Pam

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  1. Try Fiber One Cereal. It's 60 calories for 1/2 cup and 14 grams of fiber. I've been eating it dry for a crunchy snack. It looks weird but tastes delicious. I just started eating it this week after getting a free sample (see the website).

    I made a cookie out of it yesterday. You can see it here.

    I can say that this cereal has helped tremendously.


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