Monday, March 03, 2008


I've found myself grazing lately. Eating small unplanned snacks that are not exactly in the "healthy" category. It seems like it's more difficult to control this bad habit on the weekends when I'm at home for most of the day.

I'm not hungry, necessarily. But I think I'm giving into head hunger or cravings. Or maybe I'm letting emotions like boredom take over without consciously putting a stop to them.

Even with the added snacking, I'm still recording everything that I'm eating in my food journal ( and I'm still coming in within my calorie range like I should be. My protein goals (70-100g/day) have been hitting the low side lately and I'm sure that has to do with my increased intake of carbs with this whole grazing thing. Although sometimes the grazing is done with protein-forward foods like a cheesestick or apple & peanut butter.

So I'm going to work hard this week at recognizing when I'm snacking off schedule (I have 2 scheduled snacks per day) and put a stop to it. I'm also going to work on increasing my protein intake so I'm consistently getting to the higher end of my protein goal scale.


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  1. This, my friend is the toughest part. I am having the worst time with grazing too, but like you, I document everything with FitDay. If I don't, I can't imagine where my calories would be.

    I've been consciously trying to stop the grazing but have a much harder time at home. It's like that food calls your name. I'm getting ear plugs :)


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