Thursday, January 10, 2008

Trail Mix Recipe

I was asked for my trail mix recipe today. Thought I'd post it here too. It's more of a dump-type of project rather than a set-in-stone recipe. Whatever you've got in the house or want to buy, just dump it all together to make a big batch of all your favorite flavors mixed together. Here's what I put in my last batch: 1 can mixed nuts (got them for Christmas) 1 can peanuts (the kind without the skins) 1 can toffee roasted almonds (these are naughty, but in 1 serving I might only get 1 or 2 nuts) some cashews (have a huge bag in my freezer, so used about equal to a can or so) some walnuts (again, found 'em in the freezer) some sunflower seeds 1 bag of soynuts 1 bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips (another guilty pleasure but you only get a few per serving) 1/2 a box of granola (guess it's about 10 ounces??) I don't like raisins, but if you do, go ahead and add them. Dried cherries would be my preference or maybe dried cranberries. Dried fruit is pretty high in sugar, so go lightly here. 1 ounce serving: about 130 calories, 8g protein, 10g carbs

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