Thursday, January 10, 2008

A lot of support

Since August of 2006 I've been going to the monthly support group meetings in Bay City. The women of this group has been a great support and encouragement to me and I love them to death! We met last night and had a great meeting. I feel close to this small group of outstanding friends. Right after my surgery I started attending the support group meetings held by Hurley Bariatric Center. They are much more structured and hosts a large group of about 20 to 35 people. It's informative and a nice change of pace from the social support in the Bay City group. When I attended the Hurley Support Group for the first time I found out about the "informal" Flint Support Group. From what I've been able to see, it's most of the same people from the Hurley group, but it's not as structured and it's much more relaxed. I enjoy this group very much and I'm looking forward to going again. So that's 3 support group meetings that I'm attending every month right now. The Flint groups are difficult to get to because they both start at 5:30pm and that's the same time I get out of work. With a 45 minute drive from my office to the meeting location I'm always the last to arrive and miss out on valuable information at the beginning of the meetings. Guess all these group meetings fall into one of my 2008 Goals --- making new friends. I'm also starting a 10-week group therapy session with my psychologist's office, but I'll tell you about that in another post. So I'm getting lots of support these days. This has been a busy week with 3 meetings back to back on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and the 2nd week of each month will be like that for a while. But I am enjoying myself anyway! ~Pam

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