Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Yucky Tummy Day

Last night's dinner didn't sit very well with my tummy. I had some chicken teriyaki and veggies and it was delicious. But as soon as I got up from the table I knew it wasn't going to sit well. I ate very little (less than 2 ounces) but if felt like I had overstuffed myself on 2 Thanksgiving dinners and all I wanted to do was puke it up. It stayed down, but sat like a rock for over an hour. Finally a sugar-free popsicle settled my stomach and I felt better before bed. But when I woke up this morning, I still wasn't feeling very good. Just sorta yucky. Not like I need to puke or am in pain ... just an overall feeling of not feeling well today. Reminds me of my childhood days when I'd try to convince my mom that I was sick and needed to stay home from school. I'd whine, "I don't feeeeeeeeel good." She never bought it and I still had to go to school. So I got up, got dressed and went to work. Guess life doesn't change much. My protein shake this morning didn't sit well and breakfast of Egg Custard isn't sitting well either. I'm sipping water and that's not making things any better. I need to figure out what I'm going to eat for lunch that will agree with me --- I didn't bring my lunch with me to work today because I have errands to run at lunchtime. Soup sounds good. Gonna need to figure out where to get some that I'll like. Yuckily yours, Pam

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  1. OMG chicken kicks my butt, had to find out the hard way that the only chicken i can have is ground, or pureed. It is so tough. Do yourself a favor and don't eat chicken that isn't ground. SO MUCH PAIN!!!


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