Monday, November 19, 2007

Home at Last

I wrote this post on my OH profile early Saturday afternoon when I was just 5 days post-op. ===

Surgery went smooth. Doctor said I was the easiest surgery of the day - no surprises and everything went by the book. I struggled with nausea while in the hospital - complete with dry heaves and gagging. At first I figured it was just because of the nasal tube which I could feel in the back of my throat. Wednesday morning was really tough because I must had dislodged that tube sometime in the night so when I woke up it was even worse. The nurse told me the tube would be removed around 4am, but it didn't happen until 7:30. So during those few hours of waiting, I just laid in bed as still as I could trying not to think about my gag reflex being stimulated. But even after it was out, I still had nausea problems. I think the morphine contributed a bit as well as the patch behind my ear that was suppose to dispel motion sickness. Thankfully when I got out of the hospital the nausea went away and I haven't had a problem with it the past couple days.

I also didn't walk enough. I knew it as I was laying in bed moaning and whining (internally) ... but still I resisted getting up and walking as much as I should have. They took the cathetar out early on day 2, so I was up often to pee --- since they kept the fluids pumping all along. So at least that got me up and walking regularly.

Day 2 I didn't drink enough fluids either. Probably because I slept so much. They took away the morphine pump early on Day 2 because it was causing me nausea and the lortab they gave me instead knocked me out completely. So I slept through most of the meals that were served. I know - no excuse. But it contributed to my lack of fluid intake.

Day 3 I tried even harder and did much better. So my advice to all is to walk even when you won't want to and to sip even when you'd rather be sleeping.

After being released from the hospital I spent a couple days at my parents' house. So today is my first official day home in my own space and I'll get to sleep in my own bed. WooHoo!

I'm still a bit sore, but haven't had pain meds since the day I was released from the hospital. Tylenol takes the edge off. Mainly I'm laying off the narcotics because I want to drive as soon as possible and doc says I need to be off for 3 days before I can drive.

I've been struggling with getting in all the protein and water I need each day. I did better today than I did yesterday and I'm sure it'll just get easier as I move forward. Having an hour-by-hour eating schedule from the nutritionist has certainly helped. Although I feel like I'm clock-watching all day long ... I'm sure that will ease up as I become more familiar with what I need to do.

My parents are loaning me their treadmill for a couple months - so that was delivered this evening. That'll help me meet my goal of 5 minutes of walking for every hour I'm awake.

I'll keep you posted as I progress. So far I feel good and so happy to be on to the next phase of my life.


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