Friday, September 14, 2007

Month 11 – Pre-Op Diet

Today I had my 11th monthly weigh-in. Amazingly, I’m the exact same weight (to the ounce) as I was when I started this diet last November 1st. Well… at least I haven’t gained any weight, right? How can someone who is eating a 1,400 calorie/day diet and exercising 5 days a week not lose 1 single ounce of weight in a whole year? I just don’t get it. My next weight-in will be around October 10th. After that appointment Hurley Health and Fitness will fax my year’s worth of reports to the surgeon’s office. Then I’ll be able to set up an appointment with my new surgeon (Dr. Wagner) and get moving on all the pre-op testing. I’ve already set up my new psych evaluation appointment for October 8th. Things are moving again. I finally feel like the yearlong wait is coming to an end. I’m about to start the next phase of my life and I’m excited (and impatient). Talk to you soon, ~Pam

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