Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I Hate Politics

As I've read through my blog subscriptions, I was surprised at how many bloggers have said that I need to vote today. In fact, one blogger has posted a voting reminder message for 4 days in a row now. Kim over at ScrapBiz quotes a statistic that only 40% of eligible voters will turn out today. I even heard a news report on TV yesterday stating that one local newspaper published the names of eligible voters who did not vote.

To me, voting is a very personal decision and I don't feel that I should be "commanded" to do so. If I make the decision to NOT vote, I shouldn't feel shamed or looked down upon because of that decision. It's my decision and I will be the one who lives with the consequences of not letting my voice be heard. By not voting I give up my right to complain about the candidate who were elected. But it's my own personal choice - please don't tell me that I have to vote. It's a free country, remember.

And, I obviously don't need to be reminded that today is Election Day - any human living and breathing couldn't miss the media frenzy that's been invading our daily lives for the past several months! (Technically more like 10 months!)

So why aren't more people voting today? I think it's an obvious answer. Instead of acting like responsible adults and upstanding citizens, candidates act more like children on a playground these days. You've seen the political ads - is there a single ad that has a positive spin on it? I haven't seen one where a candidate is telling me why I should vote for him/her and what they will do when they get to office. Instead it's all about mud-slinging, negative campaigning, back-stabbing and why I shouldn't vote for the "other guy."

I'm sick to death of the nonsense.

Why can't politicians act like adults instead of third grade bullies? If there were a candidate who was running a clean, non-mud-slinging campaign, I'd vote for him no matter what he stood for - just to prove the point that someone who can act like an adult will get my vote.

People are dissatisfied with the quality of the candidates, tired of legacy politicians who are out of touch with the common man. People are so tired of the constant commercialization of politics that we've gotten to the point of ignoring it all together (I mute my TV when ad comes on). The media spin is outrageous and so far removed from the reality of our everyday lives that the commentary doesn't even reach our consciousness anymore.

Do you realize how much money is being spent on these campaigns? $70 million on the Michigan gubernatorial race alone! Can't we find a better use for campaign funds? Why are candidates wasting money on commercials that just get muted or turned off when they appear? Why isn't as much effort put into fundraising for worthy charitable causes as it is for politics?

Yes, I'm sick and tired of this election season. Yes, I'm tired of people dictating that I must vote because it's my right and responsibility. Yes, I'll be thrilled when all they hype is over. And no, I'm not posting this message to cause a ruckus or uproar... just letting you know how I feel today.

But despite all that .... I'll still vote today.


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