Monday, November 06, 2006

Music for Exercise

Ok, I made it through the first week of the diet. That 40-40-20 goal is harder to hit than I thought it was going to be. It's going to take a bit of tweaking before I can get it right without obsessing over food. Today I was on a quest to find some playlists of music to workout to. I found a couple good message boards that had lists posted by people who had already done the work of putting the music together. After I'd scoured the net for over an hour I stumbled across a great website that was very helpful. Best Music Workout has sorted a huge database of music into genres as well as the tempo of each song. You can choose how fast you want your workout to be (walking at 3.5mph, for example), then choose what type of music you want to listen to, and the search results give you dozens/hundreds of songs to choose from. Plus they link to sites where you can download the songs for as little as .10 each. By surfing around from that site I found several additional sites with amazing music download prices. Great resource! Now I just need to choose from the hundreds of songs I found suggested today and create my own playlists. I'll share those here when I get that done. Talk to you soon! ~Pam

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