Thursday, October 05, 2006

PCOS Insulin Resistence & Weight Loss

PCOS Support
I've always considered WLS as the very last resort for me - the only thing to be considered when everything else had failed. About 16 months ago I started thinking about WLS, but ended up wanting to try on my own just one last time.

So I'm just coming off of 14 months of self-imposed dieting, exercising and self sacrifice because I knew I needed to give my hardest and most dedicated effort before I even thought about WLS. I consulted my doctor several times (2 different doctors, actually) throughout the process and mostly just got a pat on the head and was told to keep up the good work, stick with the plan and just have more willpower.

So this past August I finally gave up in frustration after losing a mere 24 pounds then putting them all back on during the dieting process -- and decided to go forward with having weight loss surgery to help me get healthy. Up until about 2 weeks ago I've been at peace with my decision to have WLS. Then I read something on some message board or forum somwhere that caught my attention. Someone mentioned that they had PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and that it contributed to her weight gain and her inability to lose weight before her surgery.

This shocked me. I was diagnosed with PCOS over 5 years ago and never knew there was a connection with my weight. Oh sure, the doctor gave me a pamphlet that explained what PCOS was and a general overview of the disease, but he never mentioned anything to me about what "other" things go on with my body besides the primary problem (the cysts). And silly me trusted that his pamphlet of information and his little chit chat was the whole truth.

So I started doing some research a couple weeks ago based on that random comment from some un-remembered person.

Honestly, right now I'm so angry with what I've learned. Not angry that I know so much now, but angry that my doctors sat idly by while I've struggled with my weight, never once mentioning to me that the PCOS could very well be the reason for the rapid weight gain, the reason for the terribly difficult time I was having losing the weight and that all these other mysterious symptoms and annoyances could all be related to this one disease.

The thing that gets to me the most is that after reading all this, I believe I am insulin-resistant and that if I'd only followed a very different diet plan that the past 14 months of dieting could actually have worked for me.

What's more ... there's actually drugs that have shown proven results for PCOS patients in their quest to control the insulin inbalance and actually HELP them lose weight.

So my dilemma?

Now I know there's another option out there for me. Even though I've gone through this entire process to prepare for surgery and am about to have my paperwork submited for insurance approval --- I feel like I can't ignore all this.

I need to speak to somebody who can answer all these questions for me. And I know right now that I don't trust my PCP or even my GYN to help me because I have this huge amount of anger toward both of them. I can't move forward with surgery and still feel at peace.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a doctor who might be able to help? Someone who specialized in weight loss, general medicine, GYN and can do a complete analysis of my overall health and maybe suggest which way I should go.

Because right now I'm feeling pretty lost.

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