Saturday, February 12, 2011

Book Update

Post this somewhere. Pam's book being edited.
Nikki and her red pen!
Lots of exciting things going on with the book - Journey to a Healthier Me. This week I printed three copies of the final manuscript. One for Linda, one for Nikki (my two amazing reviewers!) and one for myself. We've all got matching red pens and we're in full-out editing mode.

Nikki just sent me this photo and I literally got goosebumps!

If all goes according to plan and the timeline, we should see a published book by the first or second week of April!

Book Two? Already being written and is coming along very quickly.

I'm so excited!


  1. So looking forward to reading!!!

  2. I'm waiting IM-patiently!

    What's the second one about? Whatever it is....I know I want it!



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