Saturday, August 21, 2010

ObesityHelp Cincinnati Conference Peek

I'm here at the OH Conference in Cincinnati ... it's 7:00 a.m. and I'm sipping on a protein coffee (Starbucks to the rescue!). Can I just say that I LOVE the Westin's Heavenly Beds. If I had an extra $3,500 I'd buy one and have it at home. Seriously.... true love gone going on with my down comforter and pillows.  But, let's just skip that part for now...

The vendor exhibit area opens soon and I'll be heading down to join the festivities as soon as I beautify myself. Things kicked off yesterday afternoon and I got a few photos -- thought I'd share.

The Q&A Panel Discussion yesterday was very informative. Although better moderation of questions might be a good idea in the future (way too many non-wls related or too-narrow personal questions). I didn't get the names of everyone, but here's a photo and who I do know:


Dr. Garth Davis and Big D (From Big Medicine fame and The Davis Clinic) were entertaining as well as informative. Dr. Garth is a big organic food, natural diet advocate and it looks like his session today will focus on that topic. Big D used lots of big words and kept getting teased for it - but he was funny in the process of being educational.  In the photo you also see Dr. Connie Stapleton, a psychologist who specializes in bariatrics and Mind/Body health. I'm looking forward to her session today too -- she's also got a book that looks excellent - Eat It Up

Here's a few other photos from the afternoon and evening...

Nikki (Cleopatra_Nik) poses for a photo in true Paris Hilton style.

Speaking of posing .... Beth (Melting Mama) and Andrea got caught by the paparazzi. This posing session lasted several minutes as folks gathered around to get a photo with the celebrities.

Andrea loved the t-shirt I made for her. It's a quote we've heard many times on the forums. I suspect a photo of her wearing it will now replace the typed words on the boards. LOL!

Ok, ok, ok... one last shot of Nikki. This is the fountain in the square across the street from the hotel. Just a little bit of loving going on...

Ok, now it's time to get my butt in gear and head down to the conference soon. I wonder what I'll rustle up for breakfast...


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