Saturday, November 07, 2009


Sand fleas... also know as no-see-'ems ...  are not very friendly little bugs.  They bite you but you don't know they are biting you at the time. But a day or two later you see their bite mark popping up on you legs, arms and neck and they itch SO bad.  Itch seriously bad.  So bad you want to ripe your leg off just to make the itching stop.

So yeah we got biten the first day we arrived and have been itching sine the second day.  Anti itch spray, lotions or drugs don't seem to make a difference either.  We think we figured out where we got them and will stay away from that particular beach, of course.

But... I'm on vacation so how bad can it really be, right?


  1. Don't tear off your leg you'll walk funny . .lol glad to see your enjoying your vacation . . tell my other friend hello.

  2. We get those in Redding when we visit my Mother. They drive me crazy. I found that on the really bad bites that if I put some clear nail polish on them it kept them from itching so bad. Also making a paste from Aspirin and dabbing it on there helps the swelling too.


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