Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vitamin Schedule Confession

Confession Time. I've been lax on my vitamins lately. I hate that I am. I hate that I have to confess it out loud in order for me to figure out how to fix it. I hate that I screw things up sometimes. Why? Why am I doing this? My brain knows how important it is, but it seems like I just don't care as much. Is it the struggle I'm facing with the scale (and it's lack of movement)? Is it the knee and ankle injury that I'm nursing and won't go away which is hindering my exercise enjoyment? Is it some emotional block that's screwing with my routine? I don't know but it is pissing me off. In reality, I have been taking my vitamins. But I've been missing doses too often for my comfort level. It's not like I have just stopped taking them completely - no, not at all. But this morning when I pulled the pillbox out of my purse to refill with today's morning vitamins, I realized that yesterday's morning vitamins were still in there and I didn't even remember that I had missed them. It was a bit of a wake up call for me this morning. All my calcium was gone, so I did good with calcium yesterday apparently. But it is too common that I don't get in all five doses of my calcium. I need to take 2000mg calcium each day and I've chosen to use the Bariatric Advantage Lozenges which are only 400mg per dose. So I need 5 per day. But if I switch to Citrical instead, that's 600mg per dose and I'd only need 3 to 4 doses. A couple nights ago I fell asleep on the couch around 11:00 and woke up around 2am - got up and went to bed. Neglecting the stop in the kitchen for my bedtime vitamins. Nope, it's not that I didn't remember that I needed to take them ... it's that I decided not to. Thought about it, rejected it and just went to bed. Idiot! Little incidents like this finally hit me today as being a BIG deal that I need to face head-on. Confession is good for the soul, right? But fixing it is not really a matter of "Just do it" because obviously that's not working. For several months I've used the text-message-alarm system offered by and it's worked fine. Unfortunately, I seem to be ignoring those little text messages lately. They have simply become part of the background noise of my day rather than a true alarm system that spurs me to action. So here's the plan:
  • Turned off the alarm messages from My Med Schedule
  • Switch to Citrical calcium pills more often so I require fewer doses throughout the day
  • Go back to taking vitamin doses with meals/snacks rather than "every-2-hours"
  • When I catch myself "deciding" not to take a vitamin dose, I'll be kicking my own butt


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