Saturday, September 05, 2009

Happy Holiday

It's the last official weekend of summer and I'm sad. Summer is my favorite season and this year was pretty pathetic weather-wise. Here in Michigan it's been the coldest and wettest summer on record. BUT.... this weekend is shaping up to be beautiful, sunny and warm.
My plans for the holiday weekend are a balance of simple, productive and relaxing.
I'll spend today, Saturday, here at home getting a list of chores done and working on school work. Maybe this evening, if I ever finish this to-do list, I'll hit the movies or coffeehouse or something.
Tomorrow and Monday are all about relaxing and enjoying the holiday. After I sleep late I'll be heading out to the beach. (cuz you know it's my favorite place to be) But which beach? Not quite sure yet - I'll decide that today. My first choice is further away, but more secluded. My second choice is closer, there's more to do in town (art show), but the beach is crowded and minimal. We'll see what I decide later.
Enjoy your holiday! ~Pam

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  1. So much for "global Warming"...



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