Monday, June 15, 2009

Took the weekend off

I had a million obligations and to-do list tasks that needed to get done this weekend. But I ignored about 90% of them in favor of "taking the weekend off." I spent significant time outside enjoying the sunshine. Hit the flea market, art show and the Pier. Got a manicure, did some Goodwill shopping and enjoyed a bowl of Cold Stone Creamry sorbet. I sat out on my patio with a book - which seemed like too much trouble to read so I mostly just sat and enjoyed the solitude. I ate my meals outside on the patio and enjoyed too many sugar free popsicles. I slept late and went to bed early. I didn't put make up on and didn't worry if my hair was messy. I didn't do laundry and I didn't clean the house (much). I purposefully took the weekend off and gave myself permission to do it without guilt. And because of it, I'm relaxed and refreshed this Monday morning. All those to-do lists are still waiting for me, of course. But at least I feel refreshed enough to face them without stress this coming week. Take the weekend off. I highly recommend it. It's good for the soul. ~Pam

1 comment:

  1. I'm so glad you did for you. I think you should plan on a few more before the end of summer.



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