Thursday, June 11, 2009

Taking Care

When life gets to hectic we have to take the time to slow down and take care of ourselves. You all know my schedule is crazy and I often forget to savor the downtime often enough. The anger from the other day was a direct result of being overly tired and busy. I don't like myself when I get cranky. So I need to take action on my own well being before I get to that point. I'm taking a close look at my calendar and backing down from a few things. I can't expect to maintain the same level of commitment on my social life and obligations now that I'm going back to college and spending so much time on school work. These past 10 weeks (the quarter ends this week!) have been draining and I know it's because I tried to just plop school on top of the heaping pile of everything else I already had going on. One of my 9 Goals for 2009 was to meditate more. I haven't been doing that. But I want to schedule it into my day and get back into the habit. It's nothing special or mysterious - it's just a small block of time that I give to myself (like a gift) where I am allowed to sit quietly and let my mind and body relax. A time to focus on my breathing and let my mind take a break from the task lists and schedules and must-do's. Even just 10 minutes does wonders for my mental well being. What bothers me about writing this post is.... I've written nearly the same thing too many times over the past several months. I keep saying I need to slow down and I'll do it for a few days, but then it's right back to the craziness again. Who knows, maybe I'll be back here in 2 months saying the same thing. But one of these days I'm going to realize I have to slow down or else I'm going to burn myself out and not be good for anything. Sometimes saying it out loud helps me be more accountable. So I'm saying it out loud... I will slow down and take care of my own well being. ~Pam


  1. You DO it girl. You are worth it.



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