Thursday, June 18, 2009

My School Goals

Well, I've done it. Completed my first quarter back at college. Well... almost. The on-campus class was done last week but my online course is just finishing up and will be done on Wednesday. Next quarter begins Thursday of next week. 

It's fun to make progress on your goals! 

I have a bit of scrambling to do before the new classes begin next week (buying books, getting paperwork submitted for tuition reimbursement from work, dealing with student loan paperwork, etc.). But it'll all get done eventually. Hopefully this coming quarter I'll feel a bit more comfortable with the schedule and time management issues. Maybe I'll even start feeling like a real college student instead of an old lady floundering in a sea of youngsters. LOL! 

I'm actually looking most forward to my Fall quarter when I'll be able to start taking some graphics related classes for my degree. Psychology, business and marketing aren't all that fun but they're required, so I'm enduring and I'll be glad when these general classes are done. 


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