Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm Not That Person Anymore

Yesterday morning as I was driving to work I checked my rear view mirror and noticed a lady behind me eating her breakfast. She was morbidly obese and looked very uncomfortable wedged into the front seat of her car. She was eating a McDonald's bagel breakfast sandwich, hash browns and sucking on a monster size soda. This lady was in her own little breakfast world as she drove to work.

Then today on my drive to work I noticed a man behind me eating his breakfast. This guy was super skinny though and obviously had the music up a little too loud in the car (singing with your mouth full is not a pretty sight). He was eating what looked like some type of huge breakfast burrito and an apple pie along with a monster size soda.
Yesterday when I saw the obese woman I thought to myself, "I'm glad I'm not that person anymore." I use to hit McDonald's drive through about once a week before surgery and it was always the steak bagel sandwich. So seeing that lady hit pretty close to home for me.
And then when I saw the man eating it made me realize that just because a person is slim doesn't mean they are healthy. So even now that I've lost the weight, I can't go back to those habits and expect to maintain my new level of health and wellness. (Not that I ever planned to, but seeing him pigging out really reminded me of my new commitment to being healthy.)

I'm not saying that I don't hit a drive thru once in a while, because I do. But there are plenty of healthy options to choose from and I just need to stay conscious to avoid the crap.

Just something to think about today...


  1. Thank you for this reminder. Fast food is a habit I definitely need to rid myself of and I am trying to do it pre-op to be ready for the right habits post-op!

  2. Hey Girl!
    My RNY surgery date is April 7th, and I'm naturally nervous as hell. Thank you for being real, and talking about real concerns. I'm not gonna be that guy stuffin' down the double Whopper and fries any more! God bless us, every one (with apologies to Tiny Tim)and God bless you Pam for helping to blaze the trail in front of us. I hope you saw my reply to you in "Who Are You". As I'm on the liquid pre-op diet now I think of all you folks out there alot, and I know I'm not alone!

  3. Liza - It is never too early to start good habits. The more routines you establish before surgery, the easier your post-op life will be.

    Woody - ahh.. the liquid diet. It gets a lot easier around day 5 and you'll be amazed at yourself for being able to do it! I saw your message on the Who Are You thread - I'm so glad you're here. Please let me know how your surgery goes on the 7th!

  4. Pam,
    Your speaking for a lot of people in that post. I to have come across the same situation and it's amazing how our health is now number one . . it's never to late!


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