Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Appreciating the Small Stuff

Each week Nikki posts a thread over on OH called "Under 200 but not yet at goal" -- it's a place to check in each week to report our progress, challenges, triumphs, gripes, whatever.  So here's my response to this week's thread (with a few edits/additions).
This morning's official weight was 190.4.  Better than the 191-ish it's been playing with the last few weeks ... but still not the 189 that it used to be for a little while but doesn't seem to want to be again.  I still say that my official weight is 189 -- I saw it, I'm claiming it.  The cool thing (I guess) about this neverending plateau is that it is forcing me to really look at my body and appreciate where I am right now.  When I have clothes on I feel slim and attractive.  (Let's not talk about the Nekkid Pam, though.)  I admire my profile view in the bathroom mirror at work (it's nearly full length) and notice that there aren't many bulges or lumps or rolls.  I think this new haircut makes my face look slim too and I am really appreciating my neck lately (thankful that I don't have too much saggy skin on my former-double-chin area).  And I'm loving my feet too.  I used to have ugly swollen ankles and chubby toes, but now my ankles and toes are slim and attractive.   I tried my high school class ring on the other day and it fit... in fact, it was too big.  I weighed 160 when I was 17 years old -- about the time I got that ring -- so at least I know my hands are smaller than they were in high school.  Not sure what that means, but it's nice to think about.  Funny the things we notice when we are forced to pay attention to the little things ... because the big things aren't happening at the moment.  So until the scale decided to do it's thing and show a few pounds loss.... I'll just keep noticing the little things this journey has given to me.


  1. I just wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration. I know that the long stall must be so frustrating, but you show all of us on smaller stalls that we can get through it with a postive attitude. Thanks!

  2. Great reminder for me - thanks!



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