Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yummy Protein Hot Cocoa

In my last post on meal planning, I threw in a mid-afternoon snack of "Protein Hot Cocoa." Here at the office I thought I had a baggie of chocolate protein powder to make up a mug. But when I went in search of it in my food drawer, I discovered I was lacking in the primary ingredient of protein hot cocoa. But I did have a box of Swiss Miss Diet Hot Cocoa and a small bowl of vanilla protein powder. I also raided the fridge in the breakroom and found someone's flavored coffee creamer. Here's my recipe for today: 1 scoop vanilla protein powder 1 envelope Swiss Miss Diet Hot Cocoa mix 1 splash Vanilla Rum coffee creamer (this wasn't sugar free so I only used a little bit) 1 mug of hot water from the coffee pot I first mixed the protein powder, cocoa mix and creamer in the mug until I had a smooth paste. Then I added some hot water and stirred some more until it was a smooth thick mixture. Filled the rest of the mug up with water and stirred some more. It's yummy. Very creamy and chocolatey. Using vanilla protein powder makes it taste like I mixed the cocoa mix with milk instead of water. I think this could easily become a regular mid-afternoon snack. ~Pam

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