Wednesday, December 17, 2008


"Being Normal"  It's been on my mind lately.  Still need to figure it out so I can write about it here.  What's your definition of being normal?  I'd like to hear from you and what your thoughts are.


  1. Being normal? I've been "abby-normal" for 51 years and have never even thought about what normal is. You got me thinking now. Is normal just a state of mind? should this be something I should be striving for? My wheels are turning now! You might be onto something . . . or maybe you have to much time on your hands . . lol!

    :) Kristy

  2. That's a good question, Pam, but I have to tell you that I, for one, don't have an answer. It's something I'm trying to figure out for myself. What I am aiming for - that I can tell you.

    I know, or, at least, I plan to continue to track my food, exercise with the schedule I have in place, and certainly be extremely vigilant about all aspects of my self-care since my surgery. My idea of normal is to continue to do all these things, have THAT behavior become normal, but, hopefully without the feelings of obsessions and caution that I started with.

    I want my new behavior to become my everyday behavior, for it to feel real and part of my everyday routine.

    That's where I stand for now.


  3. Realistically you have to ask yourself what kind of normal you are talking about... When most people say normal what they really mean is average. Am I normal sized? Well if you aren't a size 14-16 then no.. You are not the national average.. + Or - you would not be average hence normal. However, if you are talking about the more tenuous concept of normal, you are talking about acceptance. In HS, the "normal" thin people were popular. If you enjoy chess, you are not "normal". That normal is a social concept and completely out of a persons control. I would say that very few people are that type of normal. The last type of normal is way harder to reach but far more lasting. This normal is really personal acceptance. i.e. I am not normal, I need to change. When you accept who you are and no longer feel the need to change to become normal then you have reached normal in that personal since. If say you want to lift weights to build muscle that does not change your normal as you are not doing it to become normal, you already are normal. Hence, to put it simply, you are normal when you stop asking yourself IF you are normal. That concludes my pompous long winded speech. lol


  4. I used to think I knew what 'normal' was. Then I started to say I was 'normal'. And now, I'm back to wondering.


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