Friday, October 10, 2008

My Vitamin Ritual

Every weekday morning as I leave the house for work, I have a protein shake in my hand (which includes a dose of calcium) and I grab my day's dose of Vitamins out of their 7-day pill organizer and throw them in my pocket.
When I get to work, I dump those pills into a pretty little ceramic dish that I bought at an art show which I keep on my desk. Then I pull out my container of Bariatric Advantage Calcium Citrate and add two lozenges to the dish too. Having the dish in plain sight all day helps me remember to take my pills throughout the day.
Around 10:00 a.m. I eat breakfast at my desk then take my first dose of vitamins (multi-vitamin, b-complex, colace and fish oil cap). That leaves my two calcium pills for the rest of the workday. After lunch I suck on my "dessert" -- the wild cherry calcium lozenge. And after my 4:30 p.m. snack I take the other calcium pill.
By the time I leave the office at 5:00 p.m. my little ceramic dish is empty and I'm right on schedule for my vitamins and supplements for the day.
When I get home from work I make dinner and have another dose of "dessert" with a calcium lozenge. And just before bed I take the last of my vitamins and pills (multi-vitamin, vitamin D, colace, fish oil, B12 and Prevacid).
I think the key to being successful with vitamins and supplements after RNY is routine and a strict schedule. It took some getting used to right after surgery, but now that I've been doing it for 10 months it is all habit and second nature to me.


  1. Good for you Pam I know that I am kinda lax on my vitamin rountine and do my best to keep at.. Thanks for the inspiration in knowing that it can be done properly

  2. That is a super method. Stick to it.


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